Patch 1 Reflective Essay

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Prior to this course I was a perfect example of the view held by The Higher Education Academy (HEA), ‘that not all teaching staff are aware of the UKPSF’ (The Higher Education Academy 2013, p.6). This is somewhat surprising as the HEA is owned by the publicly funded Universities UK and introduced the UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning (UKPSF) in 2006 (The Higher Education Academy, 2013). This framework brings together different but not dissimilar Assessment for Learning theories such as those promoted by Bloxham or Sambell et al. (cited in Bloxham, 2014) and helps to address Bloxham’s (2014) concerns that generally one is left to find their own methods for turning these theories into actions. Whilst researching self assessment for Patch 1 I…show more content…
This can be effective when delivered in an enthusiastic manner by a lecturer with a good depth of knowledge however, this most commonly takes the form of passive learning with limited opportunities for student interaction. This can lead to disengagement and boredom rather than the active learning, open interactions and participation I am now aware of. My module follows a summative assessment model which can promote learning but, ‘its high stakes nature exerts pressure on students to behave strategically and focus on marks which may have a negative effect on their learning’ (Bloxham 2014, p.7). An approach which has been criticised over the years for offering minimum student engagement whilst attempting to mould the student to the approach, regardless of individual learning needs or abilities with the lecturer the only active presence in the room whilst passive students take notes on the topic at hand, a style that mainly appeals to those who learn by listening. To improve this situation I have tried to enhance the learning
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