Patent Rights, And Foreign Patent Protection

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In the encyclopedia excerpt on the patent it explains what may be patented, obtaining a patent, the nature of patent rights, and foreign patent protection. To begin, this article describes what maybe patented. There are three types of patents utility patents, design patents, and plant patents. Each of these give the inventors ownership of their idea or invention. The utility patent is created for the usefulness of the invention. The utility patent is the most common patent used. A design patent is how the invention looks over how it works. Lastly, the plant patent, which is granted to a developer or discoverer and new variety of plant, reproduced by cuttings, grafting, or other asexual means. All types of patent are governed under title 35 of the United States codes. Under this code it explains that all patents are under the patent statues. Getting approval on a patent does not meant that it is a new invention all the time it could just be an improvement or just a new way of doing something. In addition, obtaining a patent is a long and challenging process. It takes time to apply for a chance to submit an application to the examiners. After the application is approved it is then published into the public. The invention has to be a new or novel invention. Being novel means that it is nonobvious. Furthermore, the patent holder has 17 years to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention throughout the United States. A patentee can give people some rights to the
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