Patent Trolls Essay

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Patent Trolls Patent Trolls as defined by Investopedia is a term used to describe companies or people that misuse patents as a business strategy. These patents are bought by Non-Practicing Entity’s (NPE) who buy these patents from bankrupt companies and auctions and have no intentions of developing it. Their business strategy is to do some research and file lawsuits against infringing companies. These Patent trollers cost the US Company billions of dollars each year. They disrupt the productivities of many companies and affect the whole idea of creativity and innovation in the United States. Patent trolling cost the companies $29 Billion in 2011 in direct costs and up to $80 Billion in other ancillary costs.…show more content…
This is a simple example of how small businesses are targeted by these patent trolls. More often than not these small companies end up paying what is demanded from them by the patent trolls since they do not have the money to fight back or pay legal fees which are incurred if the case is taken to court. These lawsuits have been on the rise since 2004 where it currently stays at 3174 law suits in United States by the end of 2013. This is a serious issue, because the small businesses and innovations which could be the next generations Apple or Google are brought to a halt by these patent trolls. Many ideas and small businesses have been cut off or totally shut down due to this. Furthermore, many of the Hedge Funds also have started investing in this business along with lawers. In an innovative age, these ideas that could have benefitted a lot of people are being stopped. This issue was so serious that White House had to intervene and take some steps. In October of 2013 the House Judiciary Committee introduced the Innovation Act to update the American Invents Act to better protect the legal patent holders. This bill requires losing party
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