Patents And Copyright Infringement Trials

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Intellectual properties are anything created by the mind. This includes inventions, designs, books, etc. Many people protect their intellectual properties through copyrighting it. Copyrights are patents and trademarks, and it gives the owners the right to claim their work and protect it from theft ("Intellectial Property" Help Desk). Use or reference of famous work is permitted whenn it is "transformative" or for limited use. This work is considered "fair use" and many copyright infringement trials have been dismissed because of the fair use doctrine. Copyrights are an important tool to ensure that copyrighted work that is referenced mentions the original inventor, rather than stealing their idea or invention, and claiming it as their own.



Trademark is a sign, design, or expression used in order to set a usiness apart. Trademarks serves as two primary functions. The first is to provide rotection to manufacturers and traders by not allowing unfair cometition. It also protects customers from impersonations. Trademarks today are considered property, meaning that trademarks can be sold, inherited, or even leased as long as it is not the intent to fool the customer.


A patent gives all rights to the inventor and prevents anyone else from making, using, and selling their idea. There are three different types of patents. The first is the utility patent, hich is the most common type of patent. Utiity patents is mostly used…
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