Paternity Leave : The Time A Father Takes Off Work At The Birth Or Adoption

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Paternity leave is the time a father takes off work at the birth or adoption his child. Paternity leave is should not just be for mothers, fathers, too, should be able to take days or weeks off after having a new baby. One of the greatest challenges facing American workers is balancing work and family. In recent years, fathers have taken on increased roles in child rearing. It is now a common place for a father to be a full-time, stay-at-home parent, or for a father to share equally in the household and child rearing tasks. There are several general legal requirements for employers offering parental leave to both male and female employees. There are rules and laws made for women to have paid time off when they give birth and is…show more content…
NBC News reported that 14 percent of U.S. employers offer paid leave for new dads , which has made the country into the only developed nation that does not guarantee the paid time off. Most employers do not support the idea of men and women together getting maternity leave and that the mother should be the only one to get paid time off. Apparently men do not deserve paternity leave, because if companies were forced to give paternity leave to men and women, for months at a time, it would seriously injure the economy and all the businesses. This opportunity cost is much greater then the necessity for men to be at home with the mother taking care of the baby. On the other hand if dads stay home take and take care of the newborn they will be more directly involved in childcare. The Organizations for Economic Co-Operation and Development released a study in January 2013 and found out that dads who spent more time with their kids, at least two weeks after birth are more likely to be involved in their care in the years to follow. Despite how much it would injure the company’s business, the opportunity cost would be worth it if studies have shown that father would play more of an active role in the child’s life. On an equal standpoint women are able to take care of the baby and themselves. Men can always see and interact wither their children after work and on the weekends, there is simply no need to pay two people for
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