Paterson NJ: A Culturally Diverse City

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Paterson NJ is a culturally diverse city where many historic events occurred. The city is called home to people from all walks of life, and is a melting pot of art, cultures, music and religion. The fairly large city has many historic landmarks. Not only is Paterson a great city to live, it has profoundly affected me in making me who I am today. Paterson is very culturally diverse, and similar to New York city. Being a native to this city I can attest to this. One day you can meet someone who relocated to Paterson from a small town in Italy, and hear of how beautiful and full of color Italy is. The next you will meet someone who immigrated to Paterson from Liberia and hear of the hardships that where endured there. Being that you could meet…show more content…
Due to the many cultures, Paterson is home to many prestigious art and music academies. Concerts range from reggae, salsa, and African music which can be heard all year long. The art exhibits and shows are amazing. Being able to see art from so many different cultures in such a small city is hard to believe. Furthermore, someone can easily feel overwhelmed by the amount of different cultural exhibits they can view. Religion from many cultures are everywhere you look in Paterson NJ. This has helped me a lot growing up as I was able to learn and respect different religions at a young age. Learning to respect different religions helped me to learn to respect people and their beliefs, even if they were not the same as mine. Understanding their way to live life and deal with life issues through a different religion is a life lesson you don’t get just anywhere. Paterson NJ has had an effect on developing the person I am today. The diversity from the people, cultures, etc. has made my way of thinking diverse. Being open minded and seeing people without any restrictions is something I established by living in Paterson NJ. In conclusion Paterson has greatly changed my life and shaped how I perceive people and
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