Path Toward Success

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Assignment Title: Path Toward Success Word Count: 2,039 The era of the 21st century brings many changes in the lifestyle. Immense range of new and innovative ways of living take part in everyday operations, which lead to increased expectations and experiences from the people, especially in hospitality sector. It is important for the companies to adopt the modernizations in order to stay ahead in the business. Today people seek for luxury, high value and comfort. If these needs are not met, the consumers will loose the interest in spending time and money for the organization and opt for an alternative, thus the service of a competitor. As people travel more not only for the business, but also for vacation purposes, for the…show more content…
Li-Jen & Lockwood (2006) suggest that listening and recognizing of employees’ preferences and wants is an important practice for the employee retention. In addition, attention directed towards developing the skills and knowledge, as well as adding more and different tasks, contribute to the expectations of the people in workplace. Baruch (2004) advocates that for an individual having the element of multi-options at the disposal, promotes a successful career path. The discussed essentials were mainly autonomy, independence, and a healthy balance between life and work. In addition, HayGroup (2001, as cited in Bharwani & Butt, 2012) state that tangible rewards largely contribute towards the employee engagement. If the employer is able to offer recognition in terms of salary or bonuses, people are more likely to be attracted to stay. It is further suggested that leadership and the way in which it is presented to the employee, plays an important role in maintaining the employee’s loyalty. Professional development and continuous learning is an element that contributes to the employee satisfaction. Littlejohn & Watson (2004) explain that the scheme of training and development maintain and broaden the knowledge of the individual upon which, the qualities of professional performance will keep on flourishing. By implementing the
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