Path to Citizenship

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Marcella Santana
Hanna Gray
English 121
27 February 2013
Path to Citizenship
The Heritage Foundations, Tim Kane, Ph.D., writes “America’s exceptional status as a ‘nation of immigrants’ is being challenged by globalization. The biggest challenge for policy makers is to distinguish illusory immigration from real problem. The supported approach from recent years ‘a policy of benign neglect’ is no longer an option.” Members from the Senate and House of Representatives both recognize this and should be given credit for their efforts to craft this proposed comprehensive law which today, is known as the ‘Amnesty Plan.’ I strongly agree with this ‘Amnesty Plan’ and feel it needs to be pushed through due to its solid pillars. Such as, having
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The fact is the framework of the plan describes the proposals idea regarding this issue. To mention a few, it includes “enhanced border security efforts through the use of technologies like unmanned aerial vehicles, surveillance equipment, and improved radio interoperability, allowing the Border Patrol the ability to enhance monitoring and detection along the border to better protect U.S. sovereignty and halt illegal border crossings. Also insuring that the U.S. Coast Guard has the resources it needs, and instituting the cooperation between the Mexican and U.S. law enforcement with Border Enforcement Security Task Forces.”
It is a commonly known fact that many employers employ immigrants to save themselves a few dollars in the long run. A couple ways they do that is by paying undocumented immigrant’s lower wages with no healthcare benefit options. One can also assume that these employers recognize the fear immigrants have of being deported, which keeps them from reporting issues that normally would not be tolerated by an American citizen. I strongly disagree with these practices and am very relieved to know that a big part of the proposal includes: an “effective employment verification system which prevents identity theft and ends the hiring of future unauthorized workers, requiring prospective workers to demonstrate both legal status and identity through un-forgeable electronic means prior to
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