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NU 545 Unit 2 Study Guide Review the anatomy of the brain. (pg. 451) Which portion is responsible for keeping you awake? (pg. 453) The epithalamus, pineal gland, functions much like the limbic system by influencing the secretion of melatonin associated with circadian rhythms. Controlling thought? (pg. 452) They parietal lobe is involved in sensory association (storage, analysis, and interpretation of stimuli). Emotions and behavior? (pg. 453) The hypothalamus is responsible for 2 major functions (1.) maintenance of a constant internal environment (2.) implementation of behavioral patterns. Integrative centers control ANS function, regulation of body temperature, endocrine function, and regulationof emotional…show more content…
What ways do we loose body heat? (pg. 496-497) 1. Radiation heat loss through electromagnetic waves (temp of skin is higher than the air, the skin loses heat to the air). 2. Conduction heat loss by direct molecule to molecule transfer from one surface to another. (skin loses heat through direct contact with cooler air, water, or other surfaces) 3. Convection the transfer of heat through currents of gases or liquids. (occurs passively as warmer air at the surface of the body rises away from the body and is replaced by cooler air – process is aided by wind or fans) 4. Vasodilation peripheral vasodilation increases heat loss by diverting the pre-warmed blood to the surface of the body. Occurs under autonomic stimulation of the hypothalamus. (depends on surrounding temperature – if surrounding air or water is not cooler than skin, the effect is minimal to nonexistent) 5. Decreased muscle tone muscle tone and heat production cannot be reduced below basaal body requirements, therefore, this has a limited effect on decreasing heat production. 6. Evaporation evaporation of body water from the surface of the skin and the lining of the mucous membranes is a major source of heat reduction. Fluids are excessively secreted through sweat glands. This is stimulated in response to sympathetic neural activity and depends on a favorable temperature difference and the humidity of the air. Electrolytes

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