Pathogram: Chronic Respiratory Failure Essays

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Chronic Respiratory Failure Shelby Lynch Date of Care: 03/19/2013 Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 340: Critical Care |Assessment |Medical/Nursing Diagnoses |Treatment | |Brief review of the patient |Medical Diagnoses: |Therapeutic Modalities | |Age: 86 years old |Admitting Diagnosis: |-Continuous vital…show more content…
These are common |-EKG monitoring- to monitor the electrical activity of the heart and dysrhythmias. | |right-sided CVA with left hemiparesis. He is |manifestations of respiratory failure. |-Colostomy: to divert incontinent stools away from decubitus ulcer. | |nonverbal and is able to move only his right arm| |-Wound VAC set at 125 mm Hg: to help wound healing by delivering negative pressure at the wound site| |and leg. |Febrile illness- is a type of illness characterized by a |to draw wound edges together, remove infectious materials and actively promote granulation. | |Course of current hospitalization: |sudden onset of fever, which is an increase in internal |Routine Care | |The patient arrived at M Hospital 3/18/2013 with|body temperature to levels above normal. Is usually caused |-ET feeding diet: due to inability to consume food by mouth as a result of inability to swallow | |a chief complaint (from family) of worsening of |by the presence of a bacterial or viral infection. Febrile |secondary to CVA | |condition and respiratory difficulty. The |illness can be an indicator
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