Pathological Correlation Report- Jack 's Case

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Clinico-pathological correlation report- Jack’s case
This report is of a 20 year old man who is normally fit and well and is currently studying law, plays football for his university team but has noticed some changes in his health over the last couple of months. These changes include: blood in his stool diarrhoea weight loss without conscious intervention tiredness Several conditions can be related to the symptoms shown by our patient. Making a differential diagnosis, we can be reassured that Jack is suffering from a lower GI bleed with results from the per rectum examination confirming a colonic source. The cause of the bleed as well as other symptoms displayed may be as a result of several conditions such as Crohn’s disease, haemorrhoids, anal fissure, polyps, cancer, stomach and duodenal ulcers/peptic ulcer, gut infections which may cause bloody diarrhoea, angiodysplasia e.t.c. (). However, further look into the family history shows that his grandfather died from colonic carcinoma at the age of 45. This narrows down the possibilities of other diseases and leaves the GP worrying whether this might be an inherited condition. To ensure that the correct diagnosis is made, blood tests are carried out and a colonoscopy is ordered to get a macroscopic view of Jack’s colon alongside biopsies of the different sites taken. The results are shown below with images from taken from the first site preceeding.
This image of the Jack’s colon taken with an…

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