Pathological Psychology : Abnormal Psychology

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There is no clear cut definition for behavior that is labeled abnormal. It is this way due to the fact that society in its entirety has to agree on normative behavior. Because society will never have the exact same views, opinions, beliefs, or culture, an unmistakable definition will not occur. A simplified definition of this behavior is unusual conduct that goes against what is classified as ordinary in society. The study of this sort of behavior is abnormal psychology. Abnormal psychology focuses on atypical sequences of conduct, feelings, and ideas. Since disorders are any form of interruption in the methodical functioning of an individual, it can be viewed upon as abnormal. A branched area of abnormal psychology includes personality disorders, which indicates a mental disturbance. These particular types of disorders lead to a fixed form of judgement, operation, and action. In order to serve the population of those who deal with borderline personality disorder internally and externally, as well as handling the violence and aggression in intimate relationships, one must understand borderline personality disorder, the reasoning for the violence and aggression, the issues that could occur in an intimate relationship, and how to treat the perpetrator and offender appropriately.
Every disorder had something trigger it into existence. Parents who withdrew themselves emotionally from their child and handled the child irregularly, most likely lead to abuse, neglect, and

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