Pathology Of Pornography

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CHAPTER 3 ‘Abjection’ as a Pathological Source of Violence in Pinter It is a truth, universally accepted, that man is a social animal. Man cannot live alone. This characteristic of man along with his capacity to think, communicate and achieve his goals in an astute manner separates him from other animals. Man is dependent on others from his birth until the time of his death for the fulfillment of his physical and emotional needs. The primitive men formed associations on the basis of common likes, dislikes, practices, customs, and most importantly on the basis of the inherent sexual drive to copulate with the opposite gender. These associations led to the formation of a society which as defined by R.M. Maciver is “a web of social relationships” (Society: An Introductory Analysis 5). Thus society does not just comprise individuals, but it also includes the multifaceted patterns of the interactions and relationships that arise among them. An important fact to be noted here is that man is not for the society, but society is for man and for a society and its members to flourish and progress, there is a need for favorable social, political and economic conditions. Any sharp deviation from these favorable conditions leads to chaos and ultimately the disorganization of the society. Since it is man who forms his associations and relationships and on a larger level the society, it is very important to understand the working of the human mind and its impact on the functioning of the
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