Pathology Research Paper

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Welcome to Week 1! This we we will explore introductory concepts associated with pathology. Let's take a look at some of the basics. Disease can be defined as any change from normal or it can be defined as a change in structure or function that is considered to be abnormal within the body. Ordinarily, symptoms occur and a pathological state is present. In other words, there is an alteration in homeostasis (the state of normalcy the body strives to maintain). The study of human diseases is important to understanding a diversity of other topics within the healthcare field. Diseases that affect the human body can span from mild to severe, and may be short term or long term. Some diseases affect only one part of the body or a particular body system, while others affect several parts of the body or…show more content…
Sometimes disease and disorder are used interchangeably, but it is not always applicable to do…show more content…
However, this collection of symptoms could also be caused by several related problems. Pathology is the study of disease, while etiology is the study of the cause of disease. Pathogenesis is the term used to describe how a particular disease progresses. The pathogenesis of a disease can be acute or chronic. Acute is short term and usually has a sudden onset. Chronic lasts for an extended time or the healing process is slow. Any individual may have few to multiple risk factors for disease. Predisposing factors, or risk factors, make a person more susceptible to disease. They do not cause the disease. Predisposing factors are age, sex, environment, lifestyle, and heredity. A diagnosis is the identification, classification, or “naming” of a disease or condition. A diagnosis is provided by a qualified healthcare professional. A definitive diagnosis is usually reached after the
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