Pathology and Major Outbreaks of the Norovirus Essay example

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The Norovirus belongs to the family called Caliciviridae. The norovirus causes gastroenteritis which is a condition that causes irritation and inflammation of the stomach and intestines. The norovirus is actually the most common cause of acute gastroenteritis.1 The norovirus is small and round. It is only 27-35 nm in diameter. The virus contains a single- stranded RNA genome. Noroviruses are divided into five genogroups, G1- G5. Of these five genogroups, only G1, G2, and G4 are known to infect humans. G2 is the most common in adult cases of gastroenteritis. 1 “Noroviruses are not enveloped and contain an outer protein capsid encapsulating an RNA genome.”2 The norovirus usually does not cause severe symptoms. The gastroenteritis…show more content…
It is most likely to be passed on from a person infected to another during the time the person feels ill and up to 3 days after symptoms have passed. A person can become infected if they accidentally consume stool or vomit from an infected person by eating or drinking foods or liquids that are contaminated, touching surfaces or objects that are contaminated and not washing hands, or coming in contact with an infected individual. It is more likely to spread in close quarters such as daycare centers, nursing homes, schools, and even cruise ships. The most common period for outbreaks is from November to April.4 There are no specific treatments for the norovirus. If contracting the virus, dehydration could be a major cause for concern. Therefore, it is necessary to stay hydrated when infected in order to prevent dehydration. It is important to use proper hygiene practices in order to prevent contracting the virus. Hands should be washed thoroughly after using the toilet, changing diapers, and before eating, preparing, or handling food. It is important to wash fruits and vegetables before consuming. Also, seafood should be cooked thoroughly. The virus can withstand temperatures as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the virus can survive through quick steaming processes that are used to cook shellfish. If a person is infected with the virus, they should not prepare food or care for
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