Pathophysiology And Pharmacology Learning Activity #2.

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Pathophysiology and pharmacology learning activity #2
Preeta Thomas
IEPN 122
Centennial College
Professor: Paul Corteza
Date: 16/02/2017

Pathophysiology of seizures Seizure are uncontrolled or sudden abnormal electrical activity in the brain which causes abnormal motor and sensory activity and where the patient becomes unconsciousness. It is caused by the depolarization of the neurons. Any changes that takes place in our body that may be internal or external it can easily stimulate the irritable neurons. Seizure last for a second or a minute, in which the neurons stops unexpectedly. The pattern of electrical activity or brain waves during a seizure can be seen in EEG, by knowing what type of seizure. There are different
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(Van Meter & Hubert, 2014, p.355)

Open injury It is where the fracture of the skull occurs due to sudden blow or sharp objects. This requires immediate medical treatment to avoid the life threatening. (Van Meter & Hubert, 2014.)

Closed head injury A closed head injury is where the brain is injured and blood vessels may be ruptured as a result of blow to the head by the force against the skull. In this type the skull is not fractured.
(Van Meter &Hubert, 2014, p.355)
Delirium is a state where patient is confused and there is a rapid change in brain function that occur in physical or mental illness. It is temporary and when treated reverses the confusion.
(Kozier etal,p.1109, chap 37).

Dementia It is defined as memory loss in which cortical function is decreased. Patient will have difficult with their thinking, language ability to learn new things as well as motor coordination. It reduces the person’s ability to perform daily activities. (Van Meter &Hubert,2014 p.376).

Drug Card- Valproic acid (Depakene) Therapeutic Class: Anti-seizure drug
Action: It action is widespread. It’s same as that of phenytoin, although effects on GABA and calcium channels also makes this drug similar to benzodiazepines and succinimides.
Uses: It is used for the treatment of
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