Pathos In Jfk Inaugural Speech

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On January 20th of 1961 John F Kennedy gave his famous speech titled the “Inaugural Address”, which cemented his position as commander and chief of the United States. President Kennedy’s inaugural speech detailed promises he made to the American people, and also what he hopes to accomplish in office. Throughout the speech, Kennedy utilizes many rhetorical devices such as Ethos and Pathos in order to convince his audience, which is the American people, that change will come about. Kennedy’s legacy still remains influential as it was when the speech was given, due to his persuasive comments on world peace. The legacy Kennedy created in the speech hopes to achieve peace in the world. The legacy of peace Kennedy has created is presented to the reader through the utilization of ethos and pathos in order to persuade the reader that world peace is a possibility under his administration, President Kennedy conveys to the audience about the subject of unity through the rhetorical device known as Ethos. An author that is credible or well-known is likely to persuade an audience into believing his argument, as this is what ethos essentially is. Throughout the speech Kennedy addresses numerous topics and goals he has in mind during his time in the oval office. The result of this speech leads to Kennedy’s legacy being world peace due to the countless mentions of peacetime within the speech. Kennedy mentions the topic of peace in hopes of gaining the support of Americans due to the extreme
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