Pathos In Lightning Crashes Ethos

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When most people think of the circle of life they imagine the Lion King, right? They don’t think of any of the realities that actually do happen. They don’t think about the people dying in one room while one is being born in another. “Lightning Crashes” by Live embodies the circle of life perfectly. Live is an American rock band originating for York, Pennsylvania. The song was released in September of 1994 as a single for their album Throwing Copper. Ed Kowalczyk, one of the members of Live, dedicated this song to a high school friend who passed away from a drunk driving collision. The friend had donated several organs. This song specifically speaks to how she gave a new life to others by donating her organs. Kowalczyk has said that he envisioned the music video to be in a hospital, where there is plenty of deaths and births taking place. Instead of that vision, the video takes place in a home, giving off a more peaceful feeling and a happy ending atmosphere. The opening of the music video portrays the image of a new mother giving birth in one room, while in another room an elderly woman is dying, symbolizing one life being brought into the world as another is taken. Even though “Lightning Crashes” does not use the appeal of logos, it displays a strong usage of pathos and offers a credible source of ethos to draw in its listeners. The song practices several emotional metaphors throughout the lyrics, the music video displays emotional imagery, and it can relate to outside

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