Pathos Metaphors In Europe

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Europe is a country that have been around for a long time. Its history is rich and vast. Throughout Europe’s history, there have been wars and skirmishes and these battles have left an impact on the land and people. Battles have been known to give the people who fight in or watch it, PTSD; Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. This disorder makes the people who have it, associate sounds or objects with anything that were around them at the time of the event. Such as popping a balloon, a person that was in battle might associate that sound to that of a gunshot, and they might react as if they were still in battle. Europa is a song by Globus about these battles and terrorism. Globus uses Pathos, Metaphors, and Imagery in Europa to communicate the plights of the people in past and present, and connect it to terrorism in current times. The song is about how terrorism and fear is everywhere, and even if they get subdued, they will never make that mistake again.
Pathos means using emotion to connect to an audience and make them feel or understand. Pathos encompasses the entire song, and lets the listeners feel and connect to the history of people. The first verse in the song mentions different wars such as the hundreds Year wars between France and England or Roses War; It was a battle between two different families over the right of the throne. Another verse is about the Fall of France and the German Blitz in WWII. France fell during WWII and was occupied by the Germans. The Germans
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