Pathways Awareness Foundation

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Pathways Awareness Foundation, located in Chicago, IL, was founded in 1984 and is a national not-for-profit. This organization is devoted to increasing awareness about early detection and the advantages of early therapy for children with motor and sensory delays. Pathways Awareness provides information to parents and health care providers through their website, social media, free-print content, conferences, and medical courses. Most importantly, this organization is passionate about supporting parents by offering up-to-date information, a variety of resources, and a sense of community for their children as they grow. Pathways Awareness’ mission is to “inform parents and healthcare providers on the prevention, detection, and treatment…show more content…
The Center also has a separate set of staff members including a director, fifteen therapists, eight administrative staff members, and one family service coordinator. Both facilities operate under a similar, conventional structure, however, Pathways Awareness is focused on the distribution of critical information, while the Center is focused on identifying early motor and sensory delays as well as providing early intervention and therapy to children. For the past six years, Pathways Awareness and the Pathways Center have worked in partnership to ensure that parents and health care providers are well-informed about child development by offering up-to-date resources and hands-on assistance. Since 2005, both facilities have made tremendous accomplishments and experienced a great deal of growth. In fact, in 2005, Pathways Awareness “conducted a national survey to determine parents’ knowledge of child development. The study found that over 80% of parents in the survey did not know the early signs of delay in a three-month-old” (Pathways Awareness, Pathways 25 Year History). This survey was exceptionally helpful to the therapists as well as to those providing information and resources, because it allowed them to make the necessary changes in order to better educate parents and health care providers about children. Then, in 2007, the Pathways Awareness Medical Round Table, which consists of physicians, therapists, clinicians,
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