Patience Between Caesar And Pompey The Sole Consul

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Patience between Caesar and Pompey continued to wear thin, beginning with the dissolution of the Triumvirate; the three leaders, Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus. Tensions continued to strain when the senate appointed Pompey the “Sole Consul.” Appointing Pompey the Sole Consul was not meant to offend or outrage Caesar, but soon it would become a matter of great importance. The city had been distracted by frequent street fights between the armed bands of Clodius, a politician known for his populist tactics; and the armed bands of T. Annius Milo, a political agitator who claimed that he was defending the cause of the Senate. In one such fights, Clodius was killed; and his death enraged many followers, resulting in angry mobs and riots. Followers burned his body in the Forum by a wild mob, and the senate house destroyed during the anarchy. The senate felt obligated to confer power upon Pompey, and so he was named “Sole Consul.” Under this title,…show more content…
48, Caesar transported his troops from Brundisium across the Adriatic to meet the army of Pompey, with the few ships he had obtained. There were two battles between the armies of Caesar and Pompey. In the first at Dyrrhachium (Pronounced: Dyratium), Caesar was defeated. Caesar then retreated across the peninsula in the direction of Pharsalus, as to draw Pompey and his army away from their seacoast supplies. In the second and final battle, the two armies led by their generals met in Pharsalus. With about twenty thousand men, Caesar defeated the army of Pompey, whose army consisted over forty thousand men. Fleeing to Egypt, Pompey was murdered. Caesar now accomplished the first part of his plan to rule Rome by taking possession of Italy and defeating the two armies of Pompey in Spain and Greece. He had established his title to supremacy, and honors were paid to him in Rome. He was made a consul for five year, a tribune for life, and a dictator for one year. But his ambition had only just
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