Essay about Patience Necessary for the 21st Century

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As human beings we are constantly adjusting to the increasing speed of the 21st century. More times than we can count we find ourselves losing our minds, and more importantly our patience. We sigh when forced to wait in line at the post office…well at least I do. We curse our computers for being too slow and honk our horns at slowpokes in traffic. Time certainly has a rightful place when we think about it, but it’s absolute insanity to think that everyone and everything should move at the pace we dictate. Most of us, myself included, could learn a thing or two about patience. I am a firm believer in the phrase “Good things come to those who wait.” Even though it is hard to wait for things, let’s face it, when have we ever rushed into…show more content…
It was hard at first, I would make them a meal they didn’t like or enforce rules they did not agree with and they would get angry, cry, and shout just as any other child would. However, over time we were able to find some common ground and get along. I was always reminding myself that they were just kids and they didn’t know any better. Eventually we found better ways to communicate and listen to each other. I didn’t really realize it then but those children taught me the beginning of what patience meant. There was one particular day that really stood out to me. Two of the boys were doing their math homework. They were struggling and I could see the frustration written all over their face. So I plopped myself down on a chair and wedged myself between the two of them. “Maybe I can help?” I offered cautiously. They looked at like I was growing two heads and I could see the wheels turning in their minds. After a few moments they agreed. We sat for 2 hours as I explained to them how to multiply and divide fractions. We had become so engrossed in the lesson that I hadn’t realized their mother had returned home. When the homework was finished, the mother took me aside and she said to me in awe, “You have the patience of a saint”. Nobody had ever told me that before. I always thought myself to be an impatient person considering the fact that I could never wait for anything. That was the moment it truly hit me though. It took patience, a lot of patience to be with
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