Patient Addiction Analysis

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The American hospital has a strong scent of cleaning supplies and fluctuating emotions. There is the constant beeping of machines, allowing the stillness to be knowledgeable about the conditions of the patients. Everything is white. Pristine, spotless. Fake. Hospitals run by western medicine are merely fixing their patients, holding their bodies together until the next coming appointment. People need healing, not fixing, and natural medicine is the answer.
Naturopathy solves diseases with methods excluding drugs and major surgery. Acupuncture, massage, herbs, and other techniques are practiced to result in as noninvasive healing as possible. A common approach is the analysis of a patient’s lifestyle, and ideas for how to improve the harmful areas are then suggested. Diet, exercise, sleep habits, stress, work and relationships are major factors that receive focus. Attaining the patient’s optimal health while encouraging the body to heal itself is the true priority of natural medicine.
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Scientists create pills for the purpose of giving Americans relief, but they may be hurting more than helping. The unnatural chemicals within the doses affect the human body in ways not fully considered when taken because, at the moment, the mind’s focus subjects solely to the heightened pain. Consequently, addiction can occur. Opiums in prescription drugs cause the release of artificial endorphins, triggering a positive feeling in the brain. If the drugs are taken often enough, the brain slowly stops producing natural endorphins, and the artificial ones fill the void. This causes the user to have an increasingly greater need for them over time as the artificial endorphins become their only source of
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