Patient And Family Centered Care Essay

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Patient and family centered care is a vital component in the delivery of health care. It is not only nurses who influence the delivery of patient and family centered care; in fact, there is a wide range of health care disciplines that are involved in the process. Some of these disciplines include physicians, respiratory therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, pharmacy, and case managers. Two vital attributes that contribute to patient and family centered care among the health care team are collaboration and leadership. Each member of the health care profession plays an equal role in providing patient and family centered care to patients during their hospitalization or visit to a health care setting. This paper will seek to further identify the meaning of patient and family centered care, examine the views of a respiratory therapist on the issue, and identify different leadership techniques that allow for appropriate collaboration among the interprofessional team. Patient & Family Centered Care Student Perspective From the student perspective, there are many things that become noticed during the two and a half years of nursing school. One of the issues that come to mind after many lectures, clinical experiences, and assignments is patient and family centered care. However, to me, I do not believe there is a right or wrong definition of the matter. However, all definitions should have one thing in common, that the patient and family are involved in the care
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