Patient Billing System Abstract

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ABSTRACT This project is aimed at developing a "Patient Billing Software System" (PBS) which is important to a hospital for tracking the information and records of the inpatients and outpatients of the hospital. This Project “Patient Billing Software” is a solution to Apollo Hospitals for billing and storing the information about the patient by computerization. So, the information can be available in all the branches of Apollo Hospitals Group. This system can be used to maintain the location(bed number) of each patient either in the ward or the ICU. Information about the patient condition, report results track record and the charges to be paid is also stored. Patient billing system handles all types of billing processes in the long…show more content…
* Some data may be lost due to mismanagement. * Searching of particular room vacancy information is very critical where it takes lot of time. * This system is not having the facility of tracking transfers of patients from the general ward to the ICU and vice versa. * Cannot Upload and Download the latest updates. * No use of Web Services and Remoting. * The existing system is Less user friendly Proposed system: The modern computerized system is developed with the aim to overcome the drawbacks of existing system. The proposed system has got many advantages. It will improve the keeping of medical records of the patient, can handle data efficiently, more accurate in filling and retrieving of records. Since the necessary data is available in one place and the computer is able to manipulate it like sorting, stratifying, then the reports are easy to make unlike using the manual system. The Proposed system directly maps on database and its focuses in adding, searching, modifying, printing and saving of the medical history/ diagnosis of the patient. • This system can provide the information about the patient based on the ward number whether the patient is either in the general ward or the ICU immediately. • By using this system we can prepare all bills pending to be paid by a patient before the patient's discharge which is computerized. Advantages of proposed system: * User friendliness is provided in the
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