Patient Care Activities Not Only Offer The Chance For Pharmacy

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Patient care activities not only offer the chance for pharmacy students to practice technical and communication skills required to have a successful career, but also an opportunity to educate the public on all the aspects a pharmacist can do. During my first semester, I completed my patient care hours at two different activities. My first experience occurred at Lewis drug in Brandon, SD on October 29, 2016 under the direction of Amy Schoeneman, RPh. The activity was one hour long, and included: data entry, patient counseling, and administering flu shots. My second experience occurred at The Neighborhood in Brookview, a nursing home in Brookings, SD on November 22, 2016. At Brookview, I administered flu shots to employees of Brookings…show more content…
During my time at Brookview I also learned many valuable concepts. One patient that came for the flu vaccine had notified me that her daughter had received the flu vaccine a few years ago and suffered a neurologic reaction, and now she was unsure if she should receive the vaccine. With the help of my preceptors, we informed her that it is very rare to have that type of reaction, even if it was a family member, the flu vaccine her daughter received many years ago is different then the one given today, and that we would have her stay for at least 10 minutes after administration in case she had a reaction. After about 15 minutes she was not showing any signs of a reaction so we educated her on signs of a reaction and if she experienced any of them she should seek medical attention. I did feel prepared for the flu shot clinic and administering flu shots correctly. My comfort level in providing vaccines improves with every shot. Any situations or questions that did arise I felt comfortable taking care of, although, I was glad for the nurse at the Brookview flu shot clinic who was ready to take action if an Epi-pen was needed. Even though reactions to the flu vaccine are rare, I believe that is one thing I will never get comfortable with. In order to ease these fears, I can stay up
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