Patient Care And Patient Safety

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Surviving the Shift
The topic of nurse to patient ratios has remained a consistent focus of controversy in the medical community. Nurses, physicians, patients, CEO’s and countless other individuals, have questioned the growing concern with patient safety and patient outcomes. Laying at the root of this concern, is the ever growing unease for patient safety based on the number of patients a nurse cares for during one shift. Hinno (2011) states “Knowledge of the relationship between nurse staffing and adverse patient outcomes is crucial to optimize the management of professional nursing resources and patient care.” (p. 1584) What are the outcomes for patients who are being cared for by an over loaded nurse? There appears to be a plethora of evidence which supports the fact that nursing staff, which take care of increasing numbers of patients, have patients with poorer outcomes. Should laws be in place to protect not only the nurses but also the patient from disastrous situations? In my opinion this question is effortlessly answered. Patient centered care and patient safety is of the upmost important in all healthcare situations. Therefore patient to nurse rations must be maintained or at the least monitored and evaluated. There is another side to this story, as there is in most controversial topics. Hospitals feel that an increase in nursing staff (which are highly paid) will increase costs of running a hospital. These issues, and others are discussed abundantly in the…
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