Patient Care Law Case Study

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Following legislation passed into law in 2008, veterans who have served in a combat theatre of operations are automatically eligible for enrollment in health care through the Department of Veterans Affairs for five years after separating from service. Under the current system those veterans must apply for VA health coverage themselves following separation from service. This process is complicated by a VA bureaucracy that is slow to enroll eligible veterans. In order to provide the best health care possible, a new policy of automatically enrolling eligible veterans in to the VA system should be implemented. This change would improve health outcomes, combat the trend in veteran suicides, and……… In my personal experience with this process I was…show more content…
Hart’s law states that the “availability of good medical care tends to vary inversely with the need for it in the population served.” In the original sense Hart was describing the relationship between impoverished areas and the medical care there. However, in the case of health care for veterans in the United States, we may think about it in terms of the availability of care at a particularly critical time rather than in an underprivileged locale. At the moment of separation from military service veterans are made to transition between two distinct systems of care, that which was previously provided by the military and future care which will be provided by the VA. The inverse care law applies under these circumstances as newly minted veterans get lost in the divide between the two systems. Combat veterans, the beneficiaries of automatic coverage, are more likely than their veteran and civilian peers to suffer from physical and mental conditions requiring consistent quality care. This makes combat veterans a particularly vulnerable group as they make the transition out of the
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