Patient Centered Care : An Essential Aspiration Of High Quality Health Care Systems

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Introduction In recent years, the concept of patient-centered care has become a goal in itself and a tool for enhancing health outcomes for patients. If patient-centered care is properly implemented, it can have a huge impact in the health care profession. Due to the increased attention on improving the health care system, patient-centered care is an essential aspiration of high-quality health care systems. The physician-patient relationship remains an integral part of the healthcare system but there are other aspects that affect patient-centered care. According to Greene, Tuzzio, and Cherkin, patient-centered care “honors the patient’s preferences, needs, and values; applies a biopsychosocial perspective rather than a purely biomedical…show more content…
For nurses, patient-centered care can be demonstrated thorough respect, response, and clear communication. When patients and their families are involved in making decisions about their care, they become safety allies, thus preventing errors. For example, patients may alert physicians when their care is not according to their usual routine or noticing a different medication being administered (Sherwood, G. & Zomorodi, M. 2014) .
Implications for nursing education Quality and Safety Education for Nurses in nursing education id aimed at addressing the challenges of assuring that nurses have the knowledge, skills, and attitude (KSA) necessary to improve the quality of care in the health care systems. The concept of patient-centered care ensures that the patient is involved in the decision-making and understands the plan of care therefore preventing errors. From the classroom setting, the student will be able to understand why it is important to involve the patient, the importance of teamwork, and how to address the challenges they may face.
Implications for practice
Current efforts to make the health care environment more responsive to the patient’s needs, preferences, and values will help reveal factors that promote or impeded the success of patient-centered care. An important aspect of practicing patient-centered care is breaking barriers that prevent active
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