Patient Centered Care And Patient Care

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Patient Centered Care Providing patient centered care each and every time I am in the hospital is something that I hold to a very high esteem for myself and everyone I work with. My preceptor and I both think it is very important to treat patients like they are our own family member or friend, so there are many examples I could give for how I exhibited patient centered care while I completed my senior practicum on 5200/5300. Perhaps the most memorable from my time on this floor was when I had a patient who had been in the hospital for more than 30 days. This patient was getting restless, had been in restraints, was unable to really communicate due to a tracheostomy, and had also been NPO for multiple days while waiting for surgery to insert a PEG tube and fix an elbow fracture. Although this patient was in isolation and many team members were worn down with him constantly trying to get out of bed, I was a fresh face and spent hours upon hours by his side trying to understand why he was acting the way he was. The patient was starving and was in pain due to his injuries and illness. His surgery had been postponed multiple times because of more emergent cases and unstable labs. He wanted nothing more than food in his belly and his own bed. Laying in a hospital bed for weeks on end can really wear a person down, and I can only imagine how he was feeling since it was so difficult to understand what it was he wanted. I easily could have left him alone in his room like others
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