Patient Centered Care Case Study

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• Patient Centered Care o Mike and John will be hosting the Golf outing, which will be July 26 at Canal shores in Evanston an email has been sent to all the team • Financial o We continue to be steady as far as our volumes and staffing. We continue to utilize our staffing to under budget of 1.7. • Quality o There were several intubations in the unit Monday and Tuesday and Dr. Ginsberg was under the impression that our new 99 boxes were already implemented Laura and I did speak to her letting her know we still needed to present our new proposal at our Code blue Committee August 11.  An Idea is if we could start making the bundles within the 99 boxes? o Respiratory Council meeting summary;  New product EndoClear will by piloted at RMC…show more content…
Joseph in Joliet this was the topic regarding the different airway clearance (aerobeka, device PEP, ThePep) which is what Karen was talking to us about, Kevin state they were working on it but it has not been implemented just yet due to other factors.  Respiratory quality analysis was discussed it was stated by each manager that we all monitor vent days and VAPS. Several other look at Abg’s and everyone stated they look at different areas with in the year and then decide if it is something they want to monitor; an example is how long did it take their RT’s to respond to a code; basically it is assessed to fit each department’s needs. o The report from UHS did come in and there were not any mechanical issues stated? o MDI board has been implemented and the staff did receive it well. I will collect data for the next two weeks and then we will begin to have the team come up with ideas for our root analysis. • People o PALS will be held next week July 21 & 22 Lin, Rich, John and I will be attending. After this session all the Charge RT’s will be
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