Patient Centered Care Paper

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Patient Centered Care Patient centered care is an important Future Nursing Core Competency that allows the best approach in providing care. Using strategies tailored to each individual patient can be almost expected from the patient and their family (Hood, 2014, p. 409). Patient centered care is an important aspect in the profession of nursing, and in achieving understanding. By incorporating this into everyday practice it allows the patient a better understanding of their diagnosis and instill compliance.
Identifying barriers The diagnosis, prognosis, interventions and medications that surround a nurses everyday practice can be very similar. Although the diagnosis is the same the patients are not. Each patient has difficulties grasping a portion of their clinical situation. It is up to the nurse to identify these barriers, find ways to overcome them and make certain the patient is in full understanding of the plan of care. Barriers could be as simple as the patient speaking a different language which would prompt the nurse to find an interpreter. Other barriers may compel the nurse to print out pictures,
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According to Hood (2014), patient centered care embraces a holistic approach which includes taking in consideration the patient/patient’s family preferences, culture or religious needs, values, and specific lifestyle choices (p. 408). The nurse then supplies knowledge and resources to support the patient in the health making decision process. “We need a mechanism to close gaps between the current and the ideal state (from patients’ and families’ points of view). The mechanism by which these gaps are closed should create “aha” moments each time it’s used, so that its usefulness is apparent.” (DiGioia 2016, p. 34). Reaching these “aha” moments with the patient and their families validates the nurses’ efforts of overcoming the presented barriers and accomplishing the expected patient
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