Patient Centered Medical Home : A Managerial Outlook

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Patient-Centered Medical Home: A Managerial Outlook Lymaris Rivera Texas A&M University - Central Texas Abstract The Patient-centered Medical Home (PCMH) will be assessed to evaluate the effectiveness of other health care organizations (HCOs) to compare and contrast values and mission. In addition, program cost-effectiveness will be examined considering health insurance providers and HCO. As a health care administrator, it is beneficial to truly understand the basis and goals of the PCMH to effectively execute the medical home model and successfully provide the best care for each patient. Patient-Centered Medical Home: A Managerial Outlook Patients in the United States are receiving an elevated level of care that places their needs at the core of each health care visit. As the US adopts the new, patient-centered medical home model (PCMH), the health care system transforms into a community-focused on holistic wellbeing. While making use of existing resources, the addition of technology that enables timely file sharing between practitioners and outreach programs, decreases duplicated processes and creates sustainable improvements to system efficiency (Cliff, 2012). Standardization of data formats and billing practices enables health care providers and insurance companies to make informed decisions that maximize profits (Harbrecht & Latts, 2012), or excess revenues over expenses in nonprofit HCOs. The PCMH establishes an effective, trustful, and
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