Patient Centric Systems : Patients

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Patient-Centric Systems Patients’ medical information is dispersed among many health provider’s information systems which make it difficult to manage and share health data. Having a patient-centric view in healthcare involves utilizing health information technology (HIT). Effective management and integration of personal health information will help clinicians make well-informed decisions and improve quality outcomes. Summary of Murphy’s Article The United States health care system has previously operated on a hospital-centric view with illness-based model of care delivery. In an article by Murphy (2011), it is recommended the patient be the center of the health care universe. A patient-centric view point used when implementing and optimizing the use of HIT would provide more integrated health care. These seamless connections between care providers and facilities would help improve the quality of care, better manage patient care, and overall reduce healthcare expenses. Murphy recognizes that some patients may be reluctant be involved in their care or have their medical information be inputted electronically. It is recommended that health professionals encourage patient partnership and the utilization of HIT. Values and Challenges of Clinical Decision Support Systems Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) support medical clinicians in making evidence-based decisions and diagnoses by providing scenario-pertinent information from patient data in the electronic
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