Patient Confidentiality

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Description of the Ethical Issue In a technological world protecting patients’ information has become harder and harder to maintain. Todays new threat is social media. According to Elizabeth Scruth, et. al, (2015) social netweorking is one of the most common types of social media being used (para. 5). We live in an era where social media is being used as our own personal journals. Everyday personal experiences and the happenings of our day to day lives are constantly being posted on social networking sites like: Facebook,, and LinkedIn. Unfortunately some nurses have “posted up” patient information as way to let off steam, seek advice on what to do for a patient’s care or to talk about the events of the work day. When…show more content…
Analysis and Literature Review Caring for Patients While Respecting Their Privacy: Renewing Our Commitment, by Erickson, and Millar, (2005), describes the challenges of maintaining patient confidentiality and privacy. It explains the difference between patient right and confidentiality and the strategies on how nurses can uphold patients rights. Although it is a compelling article the data from other research would have made it stronger. Respecting patient confidentiality, by Price B.(2015), talks about the challenges and duties nurses face in respecting patient confidentiality and exploring the extent is respected in the workplace. One problem with a double blind study is that statistical test can be prone to fraud. In the experiment neither the subject nor administrator knew the critical aspects of the experiment. Finkelman, A., Kenner C., (2013), Professional nursing concepts: Competencies for quality leadership, nursing textbook chapter 6 gives a brief summary on defining social media and ethics problems anc consequences. Helped with the direction in which to write the paper. Electronic and Social Media: The Legal and Ethical Issues for Healthcare, by Scruth, E.A., et. al, (2015) defines social media and reviews the effects of social media in healthcare. Social Media: Managing the Ethical Issues, by Vicki Lachman, reviews social media and the ethical issues
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