Patient Confidentiality Essay

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Patient Confidentiality As healthcare providers, maintaining a patient’s confidentiality, human dignity and privacy is expected at all times. Nurses are faced with maintaining patient confidentiality on a daily basis. The Coded of Ethics for Nurses is the framework of nonnegotiable ethical standards and obligations that all nurses are to uphold. Nurses are to be accountable for their actions and are expected to advocate and strive to protect the rights, health and safety of patients (American Nurses Association, 2011). Constant patient turnovers, visitors and numerous workers in and out of the emergency area can make it difficult for staff to maintain patient confidentiality. Due to lack of space and to give quick group report,…show more content…
According to the ANA (American Nurses Association), it is the duty of nurse to protect the patient’s rights, safety, health and advocate for the patient. By treating the patient in an open area, invades their privacy, can cause embarrassment and most of all jeopardize trust between the patient and care giver. This negligent care could also lead to legal ramifications in the future against the hospital. By breaking this trust, the patient may also omit valuable information that could affect their treatment ultimately causing them harm. Some patients may become noncompliant with their prescribed treatment. It is essential that effective communication between patient and care provider occurs at all times. . Healthcare providers are obligated to give safe and effective care. As an effective and ethical leader, it is of most importance that they create and foster an ethically principled environment. In this scenario, the importance of patient confidentiality would be identified and addressed with all staff members of the health team. Ethical behaviors would be discussed with each team member in order to ensure that the healthcare needs of the patient are met as well as their privacy protected. A new process would be implemented so that patients would be identified by assigned numbers instead of identified by name. Also it would be enforced that no patient be treated in an open area unless some
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