Patient Counseling On Herbal And Dietary Supplements

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Lin, H.W., Pickard, A.S., Mahady, G.B., Karabatsos, G., Crawford, S.Y., & Popovich, N.G. (2010). An instrument to evaluate pharmacists ' patient counseling on herbal and dietary supplements. Am J Pharm Educ. 15, 74(10), 192, 1-27. Retrieved from
In the study conducted by Lin et al.(2010), researchers investigated the utilization and validity of assessment instrumentation for the purpose of quantifying patient-pharmacist interactions involving herbal and dietary supplementation. The purpose of the study was to develop a format of evaluation that could effectively determine the performance of the pharmacist while counseling a patient on herbal/ dietary remedies. Due to the broad spectrum of analyses, the researchers utilized two main factors. The first factor was the general patient measure(PC-G) evaluating the patient-pharmacist interaction outside of herbal and dietary counseling. The second factor specifically evaluated interactions involving herbal and dietary supplement-specific measure(PC-HDS). The overall purpose of utilizing these two factors was to produce an implicit evaluation of patient counseling through the major components of frequency and process of both herbal and non-herbal medications (Lin et al., 2010).
Pharmacists were recruited to utilize the parameters for patient counseling sessions determined in the methods of this study, in order to evaluate the validity and ease of use of the parameters…
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