Patient Dilemma

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D-The patient arrived late to his session, but informed this writer that he was in an car accident today. The patient did in fact dose today. This writer informed the patient that this writer have to report to the Director and Nursing have to assess him today. The patient is willing to comply, but asked if he can assess tomorrow because he has to get to school today and take a test. This writer addressed with the patient about being in car accident and is health is priority. This writer also strongly advised the seek medical attention as the patient complained about having a stiff neck and soreness, which the patient can potentially have a whiplash as he was rear ended on the highway. Please note, this writer shared the patient dilemma through…show more content…
This writer strongly advised the patient that if he does not produce a negative UDS result next month, he's at risk for a tx violation and will have to engage in a self help group. The patient agreed to the terms and is confident that he will provide a negative UDS result. This writer also added, " It does not mean you give a negative UDS result for July, not has to be consistent." Employment: The patient reported, business is going well and showed this writer the house he is currently renovated on his own. This writer was immediately impressed with the patient work and commends the patient. Mental Health Services: The patient wants to explore mental health services as it had worked in the past. This writer provided the patient with infomration of two walk in clinics-Hartford Behavioral Health and Wheeler Clinic. A-Based on this writer's assessment, the patient was seen limping as he walked to this writer office. Denies immediate medical attention. Appears alert and oriented. No evidence of SI/HI. P-Next appointment is scheduled for tomorrow at 7am- patient will need to provide his hospitalization
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