Patient Discharge Case Summary

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For every patient admission to the hospital, comes a discharge for that patient. Discharges start at admission and can be simple or more complex. The simplicity or complexity of a patient’s discharge varies on things like the patient’s diagnosis, patient’s insurance, living arrangements and so on. Recently I have cared for a patient with pancreatitis who had a more complex discharge situation. The patient had been admitted 13 days prior to when I began caring for her with an acute flare up of pancreatitis. In 2013 she was diagnosed with pancreatitis caused by gallstones with a pseudocyst. She had a history of the pseudocyst being drained, the most recent time being in July of 2016. At that time, the doctor drained three liters of fluid from…show more content…
She also was receiving Reglan at scheduled intervals as well as Phenergan and Zofran as needed and asked for them around the clock. She had a flat affect and slept the majority of my shift both days. When the gastrointestinal doctor assessed her on daily rounds they stated that her stay would be one to two months longer until her pain and nausea was controlled with oral medications or resolved and she was able to tolerate taking foods by mouth. When questioned about the length of stay, I was told that she was unable to go home with her current medications and no other place would accept her as a patient. The case manager and social worker had been working on getting her placed with another facility, but had no luck. With her current status, medications and Keofeed tube feedings she was eligible to go to a long term acute care hospital (LTACH) such as Select Specialty Hospital, however they would not accept her as a patient due to her type of insurance. She also would have been eligible to go to a nursing home; however, they could not find her placement in one due to her Keofeed tube
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