Patient Education And Medication Administration

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During this preceptorship I provided competent care to all my patients despite gender, age, ethnicity, belief or educational background. In this new role practiced some of the nursing skills that has been provided during the lectures time: patient education and medication administration. I feel competent on delivering patient discharge education plane. This information is really important and will help the patients to take care of themselves at home. Many times I have set down with the patient and explained every single page of the discharge plane that is provided to them. Information that is provided to the patients during the discharge process is: the next doctor appointment, time and location of the doctor’s office. A complete information about the medications, their adverse effects, when to seek immediate care, any diet restrictions, and some more supplemental teaching about the disease itself. An effective discharge planning decreases the chances that the patient readmitted to the hospital in a short period of time. I have strived to give the best competent care to all the patients. As a new nurse to be, patient safety is a priority for all of them, and I have accomplished this by being able to calculate and administer medications in the right rout, dosage, patient and time. Sometimes I have been tested by my preceptor on medication administration. For instance, I got addressed the question that should we start administering TPN through a peripheral IV access. I
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