Patient Education Can Be Received Positively Or Negatively?

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Patient education can be received positively or negatively. The nurse has to be willing to find out the patient’s learning barriers, and be willing to offer education in a way that is effective. Regardless of the learning barriers and the nurse’s style of teaching, the patient can still be non-adherence in the treatment process. Often times, in our clinical setting, we are met with patients who will be openly non-adherent and non-compliant and will refuse the nursing education process and chances for improving their health. In an emergency room setting, triage, treatment and patient education can be difficult depending on the patient’s medical status or mental status. Nurses are also met with a variety of intellectual levels. Each patient is different, and each patient decides if they will follow the treatment plan or not. On top of the patient’s status, intellectual level, compliancy to treatment, nurses take into consideration the patient’s socio-economic status. All of these are important in treatment being successful. My patient, a sixty-two-year-old black male, presented to the emergency department with complaints of chest pain and a severe headache. The patient was unemployed and enjoyed fishing with his friends. The patient did not graduate from high school. He had a history of uncontrolled hypertension. His vitals were: blood pressure 192/11, heart rate 85, respirations 20, SaO₂ 98%, and temperature of 97.7 degrees. African Americans and Hispanics are at a greater
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