Patient Education Plan: Teaching the Patient with Hepatitis C

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Health Education Plan: Teaching the Patient with Hepatitic C For years, nursing was a task-oriented career. A nurse’s primary responsibility was to provide for the physical needs of patients experiencing illness. Nursing has evolved into a profession, which holistically treats and educates patients in a variety of health situations including acute illness, chronic disease, and preventative care. The competent practice of patient education has become a critical element in nursing. This paper will show the process of formulating a detailed patient specific teaching plan for a patient newly diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Hepatitis means liver inflammation and refers to a group of viral infections, most commonly Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B,…show more content…
The nurse must assess each patient on and individual basis by performing a learning needs assessment and determining preferred learning methods. In this patient’s case, the nurse performs a learning needs assessment, which includes general screening questions to determine what knowledge the patient has regarding his disease process, how he perceives his present condition, and the patient’s preferred learning methods. Knowing the preferred learning method, specific to the patient, will determine what teaching methods should be used. The learning needs assessment performed by the RN indicates that the patient is lacking sufficient understanding related to his disease. The patient completed a copy of the VARK questionnaire. The information obtained from this assessment indicated the patient’s primary preferred learning style was visual with kinesthetic secondary. The nurse and the patient together discuss the issues and agree that the patient needs additional information and teaching in specific areas and set the learning objectives noted in the Teaching Plan (see Table I.). Redman (2007) states the following: Educational objectives are based on assessment of a patient’s readiness and need to learn; they are the framework for the instructional plan. Instructional forms and teaching materials are identified or constructed to provide the learning conditions necessary for meeting the objectives. Teaching plans

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