Patient Escorts

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Case #37 Zachary Hancher MGT 3374 - 003 January 30th 2014 Case #37 The chief supervisor of patient escorts argued that the problem with the present hiring system is that the application does not have any useful information on the applicant. He said that there are no longer questions that give insights into the employee’s personality. His suggestion was to ask applicants about hobbies, outside activities and their personal likes and dislikes on the application. He also suggested that each applicant be required to have 3 letters of recommendation, centered on the applicant’s ability to be friendly at all times, from people who know the applicant well. On the surface, this option seems doable and helpful. A…show more content…
Akousa Sakyiwaa, 38, (left) and Sharmila Gunda, 36, (right) are charged with several counts of ill-treatment or neglect under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Ms Sakyiwaa, of Leytonstone, is charged with seven counts of ill-treatment or neglect and one count of assault by beating. Ms Jackson, of Hounslow, is charged with five counts of ill-treatment or neglect. Ms Gunda, of Ilford, is charged with two counts of ill-treatment or neglect and one charge of assault by beating. They deny all the charges. Annette Jackson, 33, also faces several charges of neglect Sakyiwaa and Gunda accused of beating elderly Winifred Dempsey and June Evans. Mrs Evans, who is wheelchair bound, is the only patient still alive or well enough to come to court to give evidence against them. The other patients are too ill or suffer from dementia. Jurors heard the healthcare assistants were arrested after q student nurse Lucy Brown whistleblew on them following a placement on the ward last Spring. John McNally, prosecuting, said: 'The conduct complained of simply had no place on any ward. It cannot be justified.' Snaresbrook Crown Court heard 92-year-old Lily Oliver was admitted to the ward on March 27, 2012, suffering from septic arthritis in her left knee. Mr McNally told jurors: 'She was bed bound and extremely frail and it is the expert’s professional opinion that she suffered from dementia and wasn’t able
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