Patient Escorts at City Hospital

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Human Resource Management Individual Assignment Patient Escorts at City Hospital City Hospital is located in the heart of a large Midwestern city. It is one of five major hospitals in the area and has recently built a small addition for treating well-known patients, such as professional football players, top company executives, and singing stars. Visiting or local celebrities always choose City Hospital if they need treatment. City Hospital has about 1200 hospital beds and employs 4500 individuals, including about 40 patient escorts. The job of patient escort is a rather simple one, requiring no special physical or mental talents. The work is easy, few skills are required, and the pay for the job is considered good. When patients need…show more content…
Basing on the information provided in the case material and your class learning, submit a written assignment (800~1200 words excluding bibliography) answering all of the following case questions. Answer the questions in the order they are asked and answer each question separately instead of weaving several questions together. Make use of headings/subheadings wherever appropriate to facilitate the instructor’s reading and understanding of your assignment. No executive summary is necessary. Case Questions: 1. Evaluate each of the alternative approaches as suggested in the case for solving the problem of selecting patient escorts. 2. Recommend a procedure for recruiting and selecting patient escorts, and 3. Propose other actions, besides improving its recruitment and selection procedures, which the hospital could potentially take to improve the behavior of the patient escorts. General Instructions: • This is an individual assignment (not group assignment). • Your assignment must have a front page bearing your FULL name, student number, the course title, and some kind of class identification (preferably weekday plus start time of your class, e.g., Wed 1130). • Format of assignment: typed, A4 paper, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch all margins. • This assignment should be submitted on or before the specified due date to the instructor during class. • This assignment should be submitted in hard
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