Patient Falls Essay

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Preventing Patient Falls in Inpatient Hospital Settings

For the most part, hospitals are places where one comes for healing and it is place where our clients should feel safe and away from harm. Nurses have an important role as a patient advocate and are to provide all clients with safe, compassionate, and quality care at all times. Nonetheless, the hospital can also be a dangerous place for inpatients. It is a foreign environment to clients and there may be alterations in their medical condition in regards to their physical and/or mental status. With this said, there is a need to improve upon how we care for our clients, especially those who are at most risk for various incidents.
Certain facilities have
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(Tzeng, 2008) It would be ideal to create a fall prevention team that includes current staff who are directly involved in the care of clients. This team would include physicians, former or current staff nurses, assisting personnel, and other healthcare members since they all spend time at the patients’ bedside, and they may have insight into areas of improvement that others may not see. An interdisciplinary effort would be an overall better approach when dealing with precautions that would affect the facility’s policy and procedure changed in the facility. (Hughes, 2007) All of the members input about healthcare improvement may be highly constructive and would greatly benefit safety goals. The Joint Commission emphasizes that a better physical design of facilities may also lead to improved healthcare outcomes such as fewer patient falls. (Joint Commission, 2007)
“The primary root causes of fatal falls as reported by healthcare organizations involved inadequate staff communication, incomplete orientation and training, incomplete patient assessment and reassessment, environmental issues, incomplete care planning, unavailable or delayed care provision, and inadequate organizational culture of safety.” (Joint Commission, 2007) If a client is high-fall-risk, implementing continuous observation by bringing in a sitter for the patient would be best. If there are patients that are demented or confused, it
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