Patient Health History

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Patient Health History Assessment The patient chosen in this study is one that has Alzheimer's. The patient is a 76-year-old man who has a history of heart disease and who is known as James Smith. Mr. Smith is a widow with three daughters, all of whom reside out of state. Mr. Smith is presently functioning well living on his own and has not yet had any incidences that resulted in potential harm to his well-being. Mr. Smith was referred by the VA hospital. Nursing Diagnosis The patient relates that he has been depressed over the last several months as he fears that the dementia stages of Alzheimer's will set in. The patient is active and plays golf three times weekly. Mr. Smith eats most of his meals out rather than preparing them himself. Mr. Smith does not smoke or drink. Mr. Smith has several close friends that he talks to on a daily basis and that he spends time with. The patient will need assistance in the future, as the dementia stages of Alzheimer's set in and his daughters will need to be informed of the same so that they can assist Mr. Smith in making certain decisions about his daily caretaking. The following was noted during the examination: Height 6'1" Weight 166 lbs. BP 130/78 Normal vision, ears are normal with no wax deposition. Pinna normal in appearance and normal hearing ability. Respiratory rate is normal. Heart rate is 75 per min with no abnormalities detected. GIT report finds that the patient has a healthy appetite with no trouble
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