Patient Information At Avista Adventist Hospital

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Patient Information The family that this teaching assignment will focus on was observed at Avista Adventist Hospital in Broomfield, Colorado, on October 20th, 2014. Both the mother and father were first time parents to baby girl, ‘Nicole’. Nicole was delivered full-term vaginally with meconium consumption that caused moderate oxygenation insufficiency, resulting in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) observation for a minimum 48 hours, as outlined in facility protocol. As first time parents, the couple needs education on the feeding, bathing, and caring aspects of newborn care in addition to the variations required with having a child in the NICU. This paper will focus more on the care provided in the NICU setting that minimizes overstimulation of the infant. Both the couple and extended family need to be included in the conversation about how to accommodate to having an infant in the NICU, rather than private room setting, to both facilitate healing of their own child as well as others in the nursery. In order to provide adequate teaching for this family both verbal and written information should be provided in English and Spanish. Following the teaching sessions the learning objectives can be evaluated based on subsequent visits to the NICU by the family, where further teaching can take place or nursing goals will be considered met. Nursing Diagnosis Readiness for enhanced knowledge related to infant care at the neonatal intensive care unit as evidenced by expressing the

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