Patient Internship Analysis

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Missing all the family gatherings and cultural events, staying busy all the time, getting calls at midnight and sleeping few hours, that was all I used to know about my neurosurgeon Uncle. I was fourteen and my perception of being doctor was person who misses good food at home. Sadly, one day my best friend got into car accident and was admitted into critical condition. He went through a head surgery. I was heartbroken to hear the news; I was praying that my friend would be fine. Lots of things were going thorough my mind as I was waiting outside the operation theatre, I was shocked to see my friend fighting for his life, who was just playing basketball with me an hour before. Few hours later, my uncle approached towards us, who performed a…show more content…
His wound was healing but I was curious to know more about my uncle’s profession. I never thought I would ever ask my uncle to take me to his work place. After shadowing him for few days, I realized his job is not really a job but an opportunity to help and serve people. I saw him providing smiles to hundreds of families everyday. Furthermore, blessing from the patients and their families were priceless. I realized our need for his company in our family gathering is incomparable to the need of patients in hospital. His empathy towards the patient motivated me to learn more about medicine. I have always felt ultimate satisfaction serving other people. I decided to be part medicine.

I joined United States army medicine battalion. I worked as Blood bank specialist doing various serological testing and providing blood compatible units to injured soldiers. I trained in stressful environment helping fellow soldiers and saving lives. I was able to perform on various environments, providing the care for those needed including the civilians. I never felt tired of setting up blood donation camp and educating high school students, how donating could save lives of patient who needed blood
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