Patient Interviewing: A Case Study

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During the interview, I was able to provide comfort and ensure privacy for the patient. Mr. Z.Z. has a sensitive mental disorder that impacted him and his family tremendously. He limits his interaction with people outside of the family and the family prefers not to share their story with exception of some church friends. When approaching Mr. Z, I made sure that he knows the interview is just for me to practice communicating with patients, therefore we conducted it like a conversation. I also made sure Mr. Z was comfortable about the types of questions that I will be asking by giving him an overview of the process first. I feel that Mr. Z was able to open up to me and allow the interview to go smoothly.
Additionally, I was able to convert my questions in forms that Mr. Z could understand. Mr. Z is not fluent in English, therefore I conducted most of the interview in Chinese. I also elaborated on my questions so Mr. Z knows exactly what I am asking about. Translating the questions to Chinese was not a problem since the interview was in a conversational tone. Mr. Z was able to give me his opinions honestly and with ease.
One area that I could improve upon is to
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Z’s wife, Mrs. Z was also there as the primary caregiver of Mr. Z. One thing I could have done differently was to include more of how Mrs. Z feel about Mr. Z’s disorder. A big factor of chronic disease is family support. Members with chronic disease can also influence the dynamics of the whole family. Mrs. Z has experienced the disorder alongside with Mr. Z. Although I do have some insights of how Mrs. Z felt prior to the interview, if I asked more question in regard to Mrs. Z during the interview, I could build a stronger relationship with the patient and the family. For future interviews, I can ask more questions from the patient’s family members and caregivers if they are present. In general, I should try to give everybody an opportunity to talk and obtain all the information I
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