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Patient Medication Teaching Plan The following case scenario is based on a fictitious patient, and it would be use on this paper as a guidance to develop a patient and family teaching plan. The situation: Mrs. Marquez, a 39-year-old Caucasian female was admitted into the Emergency Department due to complains of shortness of breath and anxiety. Patient cannot take deep breaths, appears overweight and denies Allergies to medication. The background: Patient has medical history for panic attacks, atrial fibrillation, and Grand Mal seizures; however, patient is not constantly taking her seizure medication. Patient previously had a cholecystectomy, and smokes 1 pack of cigarettes per day for 12 years. The Assessment: Patient vital signs 98.8° F oral, 109 heart rate, 26 respiratory rate, 150/86 blood pressure, SaO2 97% on room air. Denies pain. Neurological; Patient is 65 inches tall, weighing 246 lbs. She is able to move all extremities with strong pushes and pulls. States her “last seizure was two months ago.” Respiratory; Respirations are even, deep, and rapid. Lungs are clear on auscultation. Cardiac; EKG reveals atrial fibrillation; patient states, “It feels like my heart is racing at times.” Pulses are palpable +3 all extremities; capillary refill is instant. GI; Abdomen soft, no distended, and no tender with bowel sounds present in all four quadrants; skin is intact and warm. Current medications: Dilantin 400mg PO BID, Lexapro 20mg PO daily, Metoprolol 25

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